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This is a fun and unique experience for adults and kids. The staff is very helpful and attentive.

The best birthday I ever had!

Off-site party booking details

We bring the graffiti workshop right to your backyard. As you relax in the comfort of your own home, Graff Lab Studio will provide every single thing need to complete the graffiti workshop. We will 7 6ft tables that can accommodate supplies, tools, and guests.

This includes a professional street artist as your host. We are the originators of this service and you are guaranteed to have top notch service and quality. Each guests will have their own workspace on table top easels, with gloves and aprons provided. As a hosts the only thing you will need to provide is a flat piece of land and your guests.

Each guests are required to paint the same project, but can make it unique in their own way. We are able to service as many guests as you would like.

Effortless Event Setup and Cancellation Policy

We will arrive an hour before the event to set everything up. We will bring all the materials (tables, tents, etc.) to you. The only thing you need to provide is the space (10ft x 20ft). We prefer working on grass. If you give us at least 14 days’ notice of your need to cancel, you will receive a full refund, which will take 5-10 business days. However, if you do not cancel with at least 14 days’ notice, your down payment will be non-refundable.

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